Remilia Hair Cosmocap 30 capsules


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A lightweight keratin treatment designed to transform dry, damaged hair into the shiny, healthy hair you deserve.

Each bottle contains 30 biodegradable capsules of our keratin hair serum.
This keratin-infused daily hair serum is designed to Instantly increases your hair’s shine and reduce frizz and breakage, leaving your tresses softer and stronger. It also doubles as a heat protectant (UV) and is easy to use on the go.
Use after shampooing on towel-dried hair or on dry hair to help improve manageability. TWIST Gently pinch the top of the capsule with two fingers, twist and pull the top off. SQUEEZE Evenly distribute desired amount onto your hands. APPLY Massage into hair. Apply to the tips of your hair first where it tends to be mostly dry and work your way up to mid-length.

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